Thursday, January 27, 2011

Traditional Shimmery Smoky Eye Look

Hey Beauty's!

So because Smoky eyes are always in style, here is a post on traditional Brown Smokey Eyes. When creating a Smokey look make sure the colors you use compliment each other. 
Remember the key to perfect smoky eyes is proper blending, combining light base colors with darker ones. 

What You Need:

* Makeup Brushes

*Eye Primer (optional, keeps eyeshadow from melting in creases, helps the look stay in place.)

* Shadows: Light, Medium, Dark



To create this look I used Urban Decays Vegan Pallet! Love these colors very shimmery!  

Steps to create this look:

Prep lid: Apply Urban Decays Eyeshadow Primer Potion, Sin, over whole eyelid.

Apply light base color: Sweep light shimmery eyeshadow Half Baked over the lids to brow bone.

Blend in medium color: Sweep eyeshadow Smog starting from the inner corner of your eye and out (eyelids only)

Blend in Dark color: To create dimension before blending a dark brown, its good to blend a lighter brown first to the creases of your eyes ( I used Espresso from Mac) followed by eyeshadow Twice Baked (outward to inner, blend blend blend!)

Line the eyes: Taking the same brown shadow lining under the eyes for a more intense look. Next line your eyes w/ black liner top and bottom setting it with a brown eyeshadow.

Mascara: Finish w/ coats of  your favorite mascara (you want thick and dark lashes!)

... and Voila!

Have fun creating this exquisite Smokey look! 


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