Monday, January 17, 2011

My first Blog!

Hi everyone! 

I'm so excited to get started w/ beauty blogging! 

Here I will be sharing my experiences with beauty cosmetics and  most of all my business in makeup 
(business name.. "EveSelect!")

I fell in love w/ makeup around this time last year and as of today I am finally getting started  in becoming a freelance makeup artist! yay!! 

I am so focused and thrilled to do this I can't wait to apply  
professional makeup on beautiful faces to come! Wish me luck and I promise to keep everyone and myself posted on my latest inspiring works of beauty! 

Thank you! 



  1. Hi Eve, I just found your blog and wish you all the best with it ! I am your first follower! xx

  2. Good Luck with your blog honey! xx

  3. Hay there... just wanted to wish you good luck on ur blog =)

    And if possible can you stop by blog and check it out at

    Please and thank you and have a g8 Friday!