Friday, January 21, 2011

Crown Brush Review*

Check out Crown Brush 15 Pc Pro Set w/ Designer Case.

 The brush set includes:

Chisel Powder • Chisel Blush • Angle Blush • Foundation
Angle Blender • Oval Shadow • Blending Fluff • Flat Liner
Concealer • Lash Fan • Brow/Lash Groomer • Angle Liner 
Oval Lip • Mini Smudger • Round Crease • Faux Reptile Case

Hey Every one!

Today I decided to post a review on some professional brushes!

For those starting in the industry there are important essentials we professionals need in our makeup kit. 

I got this entire Crown Brush set  that was highly recommended by Kandee Johnson, one of the best celebrity make up artist known on YouTube. She loves these brushes even more than MAC's! 

Because I trust Kandee's opinion I purchased them using her promo code! I adore promo codes! haha Unfortunantely it expired, but knowing Kandee she will probably surprise us w/ some more in the future. 

Now remember these are my very first set of brushes ever, and for using them for a month I feel  they do the job well!

I love the glossy red handles and soft texture to all the brushes. My favorite ones out of the bunch would have to be the Foundation Angle Blender, Lash Fan, Mini Smudger and Flat eyeliner.

When using my Foundation brush I don't get any wild visible streaks@! Love this brush! After applying my foundation I like to pat it over areas on my face leaving it look flawless!

For the lash fan its  perfect for contouring the nose and highlighting under the eyes! I get the results I want every time!

The Round Crease blends my  eyeshadow very nice! 

and last but not least the flat eyeliner is great for filling in and shaping brows! 

All in all, I am satisfied with the set of brushes and I am so proud to have them as part of my freelance makeup kit! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and please  feel free to share any brands you have enjoyed thus far!



  1. Great review.... I use the Sigma brush, but next time I order new brushes "Crown Brush" will be on my list =) Thanks for the review & have a great weekend =)

  2. Thank you @H Ravi, I hear a lot of great reviews on Sigma Brushes! Do you own the foundation stippling brush? How is it?!

  3. oh what fun! i hardly ever wear makeup but this post makes me want to lol :)